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Intelligent Transport

As the internet of things progresses, every small “thing” gets smarter: Your watch. Your door locks. Your light bulbs. Even your coffee maker wakes at sunrise, smart enough to know exactly when to waft those coffee aromas toward your bedroom. The big things have to get smarter, too.

The Brigade was thrilled when we were approached to think about how vehicles—and transportation, in general—could be more intelligent. Most of us here drive pretty dumb cars, so we overlooked the usual gadget enhancements and dug into how we move from point A to B and how a car’s connectedness could contribute to that human experience as a whole. The category of vehicle we looked at were fleet vehicles, and we chose taxi cabs as our use case. By the end, we took all our research, wireframes and interface designs and turned them into a functional prototype of a complete intelligent-taxi experience, something our client could use beyond a gadget to redefine expectations.



As an extension of the Resonate program we created a physical touchscreen jukebox that was installed at media agency partners offices. They could see what their colleagues were listening to, explore and queue up tracks to listen on headphones or crank the speakers for happy hour parties.